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Rules and Tips

  1. Take off your shoes, slippers, socks etc, before entering the temple. There is a shoe house located just outside the eastern gopuram.
  2. No weapons are allowed inside the temple.
  3. Try to maintain silence in the temple, particularly during the puja.
  4. Maintain order and decorum when the prasadam is being distributed. 
  5. Photos of mool vigrahas is not allowed, however you can take pictures of the archa vigrahas during the procession.
  6. The temple notice board contains information about the activities of the particular day.
  7. Devotees can get individual archana done at various sannidhis by making  separate donations of Rs 40/- at Sri Goda-Rangamannar sannidhi.
  8. Sri Rangji management has no arrangement with any guide. The guides are known to mislead devotees by giving  them incorrect  information and then try to extract money from them. Please be careful of these guides and in case of any clarifications regarding temple activities  please contact any employee of the temple or at the office of manager of SriRangji temple trust. 
  9. Please don't smear the temple walls and don't throw garbage inside the temple premises A garbage bin is located in the outer periphery for disposing of waste.
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